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Clear Aligners. What are they and how can they help?


Did you know that your glamorous smile is the first thing people around you notice? It is true that if your teeth are straight and disease-free it can make your smile stunning. But, most of us do have crooked, crowded, or teeth with gaps.

Due to the advancements in digital dentistry, we can now Clear aligners including Invisalign which uses a set of clear aligners to straighten teeth and enhancing your beautiful smile.

What is an Invisalign?

There are many ways of straightening teeth and treating malaligned teeth. Metal braces are a conventional method. While braces work well but at times, they can get uncomfortable and take a long time to straighten the teeth. Clear aligners including Invisalign is known as a more comfortable and speedy option for straightening crooked teeth.

Invisalign is composed of a series of clear plastic aligners to move the desired teeth into ideal position.  The patient is advised to replace one set with another every 2 weeks till you get the perfect smile.

Initially, Dr. Sundaresh at Dentistry at University will scan your teeth using a intra oral and plan out your treatment using a computer generated algorithm. The patients can then see a simulation of the final result and length of time it will take to get there. If the patient is happy with the treatment plan, the aligners are then fabricated. The patients are asked to wear these aligners at home all day and night except when they eat, drink, and brush their teeth.

How to take care of the Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are made to give you a perfect glamourous smile. Dr. Sundaresh at Dentistry at University will provide you with a few tips to follow for a successful treatment.

  • Wear your aligners at all times except on some occasions

You know that your plastic aligners are removable you need to wear them more than 20 hours a day. If you want a successful treatment at a faster pace you must do this

  • Aligners should be changed as scheduled

The set of aligners that the dentist provides should be changed every two weeks according to the instructions of the dentist. Keeping the track of your aligners will ensure that you wear aligners according to the treatment plan.

  • Dental hygiene is a must

The aligners are attached to your teeth day and night So, you must brush and floss your teeth to prevent the accumulation of plaque which can result in other dental problems.

  • Keep drinking plenty of water

Did you know that while wearing aligners you may not be producing enough saliva which can result in dental problems? It’s always imperative to drink plenty of water to compensate.

If you want to learn more about the aligners and get a consultation with Dr. Sundaresh at Dentistry at University book an appointment right away.

Upgrade your SMILE using Veneers!

Are you finally moving forward to establish the pretty smile that you’ve always wanted? If so, you certainly would like to know more about veneers which is one of the top cosmetic treatment options at Dentistry at University. Dr. Sundaresh at Dentistry at University can help you to get a Hollywood smile with dental veneers.

What are Veneers?

Veneers are thin porcelain shells that are bonded to the visible surface of the teeth to correct various dental imperfections. Veneers are custom-made, so they’ll fit your teeth perfectly.

  • Veneers can fix chipped teeth, staining or discolorations on teetn, irregular or small teeth, and abnormally spaced teeth.
  • The veneers are bonded with the teeth after removal of a small amount of enamel which finally results in a lovely smile with no changes to your bite.

What is the treatment procedure like?

The process of getting veneers is comfortable and easy to obtain. First, the dentist will discuss your goals and examine your teeth. Then, X-rays will be taken of your teeth to make sure they’re suitable for veneers.

There are a few steps through which our experienced dentist can provide you with the best dental veneer treatment.

Step 1: The dental team will firstly remove a small amount of the tooth surface from the visible part of the tooth for placement of the veneer.

Stage 2: After the complete preparation of the tooth an impression is taken for the fabrication of the dental veneer. The dental impression is sent out to a dental laboratory, which takes a few days to construct your veneer

Stage 3: At the final dental appointment, the veneer fabricated in the lab is bonded to the prepared tooth surface with adhesive after carefully adjusting them for the perfect fit.

Once your veneers are bonded, no one will be able to tell you them. They’ll blend in perfectly with your other teeth and give you a great smile. Veneers last for a very long time, and you won’t have to do any special maintenance beyond your regular brushing, flossing, and professional cleanings.

The dental veneers are the best treatment options when the issues you want to fix are quite slight and aesthetic such as stained teeth, minor cracks in teeth, chipped teeth, and small gaps between the teeth. If you want to significantly improve the overall appearance of your teeth and enhance your smile, then Dentistry at University is the right place for you.

Please book an appointment online or over the phone with us today.

10 reasons why Dental Implants might be the right choice

A recent study found that close to 200 million Americans have lost at least one tooth, and 40 million Americans don’t have any of their natural teeth. Losing a tooth can be embarrassing as well as affect the way you chew and speak. Replacing a missing tooth with an implant is a great way to get back the smile and function that you are missing. It will elevate your lifestyle and increase your confidence!

At Dentistry at University, our highly skilled dentist, Dr. Raghav Sundaresh, provides a full range of cosmetic and general dental services in a warm and welcoming environment. When it comes to replacing missing teeth, he believes dental implants are the best option. In this blog they explain why.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a treatment that is used to replace a missing tooth. A dental implant is a surgical replacement of tooth root that is inserted into the jawbone which fuses with the bone over a few months. It provides a strong foundation for a fixed crown or removable dentures that are made in the laboratory to match your natural teeth.

Why replace a lost tooth?

Whether from trauma, bone loss due to gum disease, or tooth decay, a lost tooth leaves a gap in your mouth that can affect how you chew and speak. In addition, the empty space in your mouth can cause your other teeth to move into that space and also cause further bone loss in that area due to the lack of stimulation.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

There are many advantages to dental implants:

  1. Dental implants improve appearance because it looks and feels exactly like a natural tooth.
  2. Dental implants prevents further bone loss in the area. A dental implant acts just as a natural tooth and provides stimulation to your jawbone and therefore prevents further bone loss in that area
  3. Poor-fitting dentures cause you to mumble or slur your words but dental implants improve speech and allow you to speak without the worry.
  4. Implants eradicate the discomfort of removable dentures.
  5. It makes eating easier because dental implants function like your own teeth, letting you eat your favourite foods with confidence and without any discomfort.
  6. Dental implants improve self-esteem by giving back your smile and help you feel more beautiful.
  7. Dental implants improve oral health Because nearby teeth are not used to support the implant, more of your teeth are left undamaged, improving long-term oral health.
  8. If you are looking for an option which should last for many years or maybe for a lifetime with good care, then a dental implant is the best option for you.
  9. Dental implants are free of all the embarrassing inconveniences of removing dentures or using messy glues because this is next to a natural tooth.
  10. Dental implants can be secure dentures and partial dentures in place so they don’t move and this will extend the life of the these appliances.

But why should you choose Fourth Ward Dentistry?

Dentistry at University is fully equipped with the modern technologies and diagnostic tools which play a crucial role in patients care throughout the procedure.

The guided surgery of implants is planned on the computer using the latest technology which is a vital part of clinical dentistry. CBCT(cone beam computed tomography) in guided implant surgery operates multiplanar and 3D pictures to assist the surgeons in deciding the exact height, width and alveolar ridge anatomy of the alveolar bone, along with the association of the edentulous sites with adjacent anatomical structures.

The guided implant surgery at Dentistry at University is a highly accurate method of implant placement the eliminates almost all possible risk by predetermining the ideal position and exact depth and angle of the implant. So what are waiting for??

If you have a missing tooth and are looking for good options to replace it then book an appointment online with the best dental surgeon in town or call us at 704-706-9030.


Introducing a new, customized, and efficient way to straighten your teeth at Dentistry at University!

Aligner therapy and aligner technology are rapidly growing and evolving within the orthodontic and dental professions. 

Dr. Sundaresh states:

When it comes to aligners, the SureSmile Ortho platform is all about versatility. I can use it for anything from comprehensive treatment to limited alignment and active retainers. 


Here are 7 reasons why you will LOVE these aligners:

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Fight like a Girl!

Think Pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual international campaign organized by major breast cancer charities to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its origin, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care.

What Is Breast Cancer?

  • Breast cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the breast. 





  • In 2019, an estimated 268,600 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in women in the U.S. as well as 62,930 new cases of non-invasive breast cancer.

  • Although rare, men get breast cancer too. The lifetime risk for U.S. men is about 1 in 1,000.

  • There are over 3.5 million breast cancer survivors in the United States.

  • On average, every 2 minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States.



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Get your pearly whites before the end of the year!


This month is dedicated to promoting healthy mouths all across the country, and celebrating the hard work your favorite dental hygienist does to keep your pearly whites squeaky clean.

How to Observe National Dental Hygiene Month:

Floss Every Day

Much controversy exists around flossing, but we are here to tell you (with the advice of dentists backing us) that flossing is something you should be doing every day. There are things that brushing just can’t take care of, and that’s where flossing comes in.

Brush Twice a Day for Two Minutes

Brushing your teeth twice a day doesn’t only help battle morning breath and that lingering gross taste in your mouth, it also helps reduce the chances that you will develop gum disease. So every morning and every night, squeeze that toothpaste onto your toothbrush and get brushing, for two solid minutes.

Rinse With Mouthwash

Another thing that people think is optional with oral hygiene is mouthwash. But, according to dental hygienists, it shouldn’t be. Aim to make rinsing with mouthwash a regular occurrence after you brush and floss. This antimicrobial rinse will help keep your mouth clean and will do wonders for your breath.

Why National Dental Hygiene Month is Important?

  • It encourages oral health 🙂

  • No one likes a dirty mouth, especially when it’s your own. Keeping your oral health on track is a great way to keep bacteria at bay. Without proper dental hygiene, you put yourself at risk of developing issues such as tooth decay and gum disease.

  • It celebrates the hard-working hygienists! With over 200,000 dental hygienists in the United States, this holiday is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the work that these fabulous people do to keep our mouths happy and healthy.

  • It’s an excuse for a new toothbrush.Admit it. New toothbrushes are fun — for a while. Most dentists recommend soft bristles, but make sure you check in with your dental professional to see what’s best.

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