Dental Extraction Specialist

Why is a dental extraction necessary?

At times the dentists may opt extraction over saving a tooth to protect your oral health. A dental extraction is a process of removing a tooth due to multiple reasons such as a grossly carious tooth, a severely infected tooth or tooth with irrevocable disease and many more reasons.

At Dentistry At University , Dr. Raghav Sundaresh has the expertise in dealing with emergencies whether it is an extraction or any other dental emergency. Initially, the dental team will check the condition of your tooth and make a treatment plan that will work best under the given circumstances.

What are the steps for a dental extraction?

The experienced dentist will numb the patient with modern anaesthesia. Once tooth which is to be extracted and the surrounding areas are numb, Dr Raghav Sundaresh uses specialized instruments to elevate the tooth out of the tooth socket. After successful extraction procedure, the dental team will explain and provide you with a written post-op instruction to help you care for the area after your procedure.

Do I need any other treatment after an extraction?

The extraction socked should heal in 4 to 6 weeks and normally no further treatment is necessary. However, the gap will remain where the tooth used to reside. Neighobring teeth might shift and the opposing tooth might move as well. The dental team will examine the healed site and advise you about different teeth replacement options which can help your teeth stay healthy, functional, and this is the best way to preserve the overall health of your mouth.

How do I contact Dentistry At University  if I have an emergency?

If you need a tooth extracted, please call Dentistry At University  as soon as possible. We will try our best to see you as soon as possible. We have walk in appointments daily and we will try our very best to get you out of pain with same day treatment.