Same Day Crowns

Are you a busy professional who wants to avoid multiple trips to the dentist for your crown? Dr. Sundaresh and the team at Dentistry at University in Charlotte, North Carolina have the perfect solution for you. We utilize the latest technology to make the crowns faster than most dental offices in the country. Please call us or schedule an appointment with us online to find out more.


What is a dental milling unit?

A milling unit is a machine that uses computer-aided design technology to take digital scans of your teeth and fabricates dental restorations according to the digital design selected by your dentist This can used to create metal-free crowns, inlays, or onlays in-office. This process is easier and quicker than relying on a dental lab to produce restorations from molds.


What are the uses of a dental mining unit?

The milling unit is a very productive advancement in dentistry which can manufacture a dental restoration according to the digital designs. By using the milling unit, the team at Dentistry at University avoids the need for temporary dental materials and are able to complete the treatment on the same day most of the time.


What are the advantages of a milling unit?

The digital dentistry is the future and present of the dental industry. With the advanced dental services, we make sure to provide you with the best dental services in town. The usage of the milling unit at Dentistry at University, are quite beneficial for our patients with requirements for dental restorations which are mentioned below:

  • Dental milling unit provides efficient and quick production of dental restorations
  • It enables the patient to obtain optimal treatment in less time
  • the restorations made by milling units are extremely precise
  • less dental visits for dental restorations

To learn more about restorative treatments with dental technology at Dentistry at University and how you can get benefit from these services call us or book an appointment with our expert dentists.